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As some folk know, I had started a comic around 2005 called Inaccurate Perdition. It was mostly a sketchy gag comic in the very early stages, that I’d scribble during lunch and show my friends. At the time, for whatever reason, I thought comics had to be pure comedy, all the time, so when I started posting them online (DeviantArt) I’d add in the comments something about being sorry there’s no humor on this page, as I slowly realized I sucked at humor (especially as a goddamn 9th grader) and became more interested in plot.


Those lunch sketches were eventually inked and colored, and given a name and a website. I recall attempting to get a coveted spot on keenspace until a friend of mine, Slang, pointed me to my trusty host Xepher, who has let me keep this unlimited space for 9 freaking years, even when I wasn’t updating. I discovered the Walrus php script for some rudimentary archiving system and I was off doing a page a week. It was somewhat consistent throughout high school and eventually petered off as I became busy with art school.


At some point during my freshmen year of college I started just doing pages as sketches, then did some kind of wonky soft reboot in this same style (damned if I can dig those up) as I was displeased about how shitty and out of place the very first pages were.


Around this time (I think) I started to do something manga-y, Aerie, and it’s terribly embarrassing but EFFIT – it was about a boy that had dragon powers. Aaaand that was the extent of the plot. Behold the blatant overuse of tones. Man I kinda’ went crazy there. Also, bad writing. Ugh.

aerie2 aerie3

The sketches comics went unfinished, mostly because I had foolishly written myself into a corner (I had little to no plot planning, I am learning!!), and in 2007 I did a hard reboot, with nearly all new characters.


This carried on rather inconsistently (I suck) till 2009ish, where I realized I didn’t much dig the whole premise. Inaccurate Perdition was a comic about the afterlife, ghosts and hellbeast hunting, and there were a lot of those at the time, surprisingly!

It’s been a few years since I graduated college and I feel the itch to do comics again. I wish I could devote all of my time to writing and drawing pages, but alas, I work at an art studio and have to pay the rent! But I still have stories I want to tell, so I hope you stick around and give Filamentry a shot.


About Filamentry

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